Monday, February 22, 2010

Foreshadowing from the Ivory Shards

After the Little Boy, the Master of the Ivory Tower ranted and raved in frustration in not knowing what the answers to some of the mysteries of life that has unfolded in the story of the Father and the First First-born, he decided to be brutal and demand from Heaven that he know more information about the dealings that happen in the World. On top of the Ivory Tower atop the tallest mountain on top of the World, he cursed and he shouted at Heaven. When he did not hear any replies, even the smallest hint of reproachful remark, he decided to be more physical about his protest. With the art of Taekwondo, he kicked a post in the balcony and was able to chip a small shard of ivory. "Ammunition," he thought to himself. Then, with a full run, a half-turn, and a spinning side kick, he launched the shard straight up to Heaven.

Sadly for the Little Boy, he did this regrettable act in broad daylight -- the time when the eye of the Sun was upon him. Seeing this horrendous and, yet again, blasphemous act, the Sun concentrated its rays on a beam -- a tiny beam that amounted to laser light. Though successful in channeling the concentrated energy of light onto a pinpoint on the hurled piece of ivory, the sun didn't hit it entirely. It only managed to bore a hole on the piece of ivory.

As the master of the Winds, he caused them to try and blow the still-flying piece of ivory towards heaven. Again, he was successful in making the Winds blow the ivory projectile, but it only caused it to shift a bit of course and straight into the direction of Heaven's window.

Seeing this minor blunder, the Sun caused the Winds to whirl and rub against themselves. This act, by far, seemed to be the most cunning act of the Sun in preventing harm from coming towards heaven. As the winds rubbed against each other, they managed to create a force so strong. Through friction and static energy, the winds crackled and hummed with electricity. The sun doesn't want to fail so he waited cautiously. With only one eye, he wanted his electric bolt to hit its mark and save Heaven's window from cracking. At the very last minute, he released the the static energy into a lightning bolt.

This time, the Sun was able to hit the piece of ivory flung by the Little Boy but not enough to totally destroy it. It got shattered into tiny specs of ivory and got blown in the wind. However, a sizable bit -- the size of a prune -- still remained airborne and still on course. With a clink on the glass of Heaven's window, it bounced off and down again, straight back in the direction of the Little Boy.

Although he was not entirely successful in stopping the ivory shard, he was victorious in protecting Heaven. As for the boy, although not entirely successful in breaking anything in Heaven's dominion, he was successful in getting heaven to notice him. From the window that was tapped by the ivory piece, a face, an angel spoke. The angel said, "Little Boy, Master of the Ivory Tower, oh most notorious neighbor, please desist in daring Heaven. Heaven, with all it's wisdom, might, and potential, has plans for you. Be patient and you will be purged of your punishment. Be hasty and spiteful and you shall see that Heaven can put down a more repugnant lesson reckon with. For now, Heaven will just teach you about gravity." Then, the angel closed the window, and Heaven grew serene once more.

Hearing those words, the Sun beamed in bliss. Hearing those words, the Little Boy grew more angry. "Bah! Teach me gravity? Who do they think they are? I know all about gravity," said the Little Boy. "In a nutshell, what..." and before he could finish his simple-minded definition, the small, prune-sized ivory shard thumped on his head, left a bit of a bump on his temple, and fell down towards the Earth. "... goes up must come down," he grumbled just to hold up a bit of defiance. With the final words spoken, he went in the tower.

Now, what of the ivory shards? What ever did happen to those that got blown in the wind? What happened to that prune-sized shard that was able to tap on Heaven's door? As the angel said, there is a lesson here to learn about gravity. Those shards fell. They fell down and all over the World. Being a piece of the Ivory Tower, they possessed some magic in them, which will eventually be seen by the Little Boy and everyone who had the eye for magical happenings. With what the Little Boy called "ammunition," there will come great and grand adventures for the little lives that will encounter those shards that came from the Ivory Tower standing on top of the tallest mountain on top of the World.

Minor note: Since there was no figure that represented the Sun and lightning bolts together, I used Goddess of Lightning by Feodome (top left). In the Light of Things (middle) was made by Timett. Ivory shards were not on Deviant Art so The Wish by MerenSherita was chosen (bottom left).


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