Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ang Busy Supervisor at ang mga Kakaibang Superpowers

Buhay pa ako. Busy lang ako lately kaya hindi ako makapag-post at makapagsulat ng matinong kwento. Hindi na rin ako makapag-drawing pero babalikan ko lahat iyan sa susunod na mga linggo. Mahirap pala talagang maging supervisor.

Speaking of super, dahil sa isang sineng napanood ng makulit kong kaibigang si Johmar, nakaisip ako ng mga super powers na walang kakwenta-kwenta. Base sa kwento niya, may isang character daw sa movie na tinutukoy niya na invisible lang kapag walang nakatingin pero nagamit pa rin nung character na yun ang kakaibang power. Nainspire naman ako kaya heto ang mga naisip kong patok na mga sablay na powers:
  1. Kapangyarihang makapag-kamehame wave. Kapag tinamaan ka, patay ka agad. Kaya lang, pwede lang gamitin ang power na ito kung 10 ft. away ka sa kalaban. Ang catch, 8 ft. lang ang abot ng kamehame wave.
  2. Kapangyarihang malaman kung kailan may balyenang kinagat ng lamok kahit saan sa earth. 
  3. Kapangyarihang managinip ng mga mangyayari sa hinaharap. Kaya lang, pag-nagising ka na, makakalimutan mo na ang prophecy.
  4. Kapangyarihang manalo sa kahit anong klaseng bakbakan kung ang kalaban mo ay taong mas maliit sa iyo. Kaya lang, ipapanganak kang unano.
  5. Kapangyarihang makapag-basa ng iniisip ng ibang tao pero literal. Masusulat ang iniisip nila sa katawan mo. Kaya lang, sa batok.
Libre kong ipinamimigay yang mga powers na yan. Alin gusto niyo? Marami niyan sa stock. Nung naging supervisor ako, nakuha ko yan lahat eh. Freebie, ika nga. O siya, tama na ang kahibangang ito. Next week na lang ulit. Abang-abang lang. Marami pang powers na tulad ng mga ito.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Foreshadowing from the Ivory Shards

After the Little Boy, the Master of the Ivory Tower ranted and raved in frustration in not knowing what the answers to some of the mysteries of life that has unfolded in the story of the Father and the First First-born, he decided to be brutal and demand from Heaven that he know more information about the dealings that happen in the World. On top of the Ivory Tower atop the tallest mountain on top of the World, he cursed and he shouted at Heaven. When he did not hear any replies, even the smallest hint of reproachful remark, he decided to be more physical about his protest. With the art of Taekwondo, he kicked a post in the balcony and was able to chip a small shard of ivory. "Ammunition," he thought to himself. Then, with a full run, a half-turn, and a spinning side kick, he launched the shard straight up to Heaven.

Sadly for the Little Boy, he did this regrettable act in broad daylight -- the time when the eye of the Sun was upon him. Seeing this horrendous and, yet again, blasphemous act, the Sun concentrated its rays on a beam -- a tiny beam that amounted to laser light. Though successful in channeling the concentrated energy of light onto a pinpoint on the hurled piece of ivory, the sun didn't hit it entirely. It only managed to bore a hole on the piece of ivory.

As the master of the Winds, he caused them to try and blow the still-flying piece of ivory towards heaven. Again, he was successful in making the Winds blow the ivory projectile, but it only caused it to shift a bit of course and straight into the direction of Heaven's window.

Seeing this minor blunder, the Sun caused the Winds to whirl and rub against themselves. This act, by far, seemed to be the most cunning act of the Sun in preventing harm from coming towards heaven. As the winds rubbed against each other, they managed to create a force so strong. Through friction and static energy, the winds crackled and hummed with electricity. The sun doesn't want to fail so he waited cautiously. With only one eye, he wanted his electric bolt to hit its mark and save Heaven's window from cracking. At the very last minute, he released the the static energy into a lightning bolt.

This time, the Sun was able to hit the piece of ivory flung by the Little Boy but not enough to totally destroy it. It got shattered into tiny specs of ivory and got blown in the wind. However, a sizable bit -- the size of a prune -- still remained airborne and still on course. With a clink on the glass of Heaven's window, it bounced off and down again, straight back in the direction of the Little Boy.

Although he was not entirely successful in stopping the ivory shard, he was victorious in protecting Heaven. As for the boy, although not entirely successful in breaking anything in Heaven's dominion, he was successful in getting heaven to notice him. From the window that was tapped by the ivory piece, a face, an angel spoke. The angel said, "Little Boy, Master of the Ivory Tower, oh most notorious neighbor, please desist in daring Heaven. Heaven, with all it's wisdom, might, and potential, has plans for you. Be patient and you will be purged of your punishment. Be hasty and spiteful and you shall see that Heaven can put down a more repugnant lesson reckon with. For now, Heaven will just teach you about gravity." Then, the angel closed the window, and Heaven grew serene once more.

Hearing those words, the Sun beamed in bliss. Hearing those words, the Little Boy grew more angry. "Bah! Teach me gravity? Who do they think they are? I know all about gravity," said the Little Boy. "In a nutshell, what..." and before he could finish his simple-minded definition, the small, prune-sized ivory shard thumped on his head, left a bit of a bump on his temple, and fell down towards the Earth. "... goes up must come down," he grumbled just to hold up a bit of defiance. With the final words spoken, he went in the tower.

Now, what of the ivory shards? What ever did happen to those that got blown in the wind? What happened to that prune-sized shard that was able to tap on Heaven's door? As the angel said, there is a lesson here to learn about gravity. Those shards fell. They fell down and all over the World. Being a piece of the Ivory Tower, they possessed some magic in them, which will eventually be seen by the Little Boy and everyone who had the eye for magical happenings. With what the Little Boy called "ammunition," there will come great and grand adventures for the little lives that will encounter those shards that came from the Ivory Tower standing on top of the tallest mountain on top of the World.

Minor note: Since there was no figure that represented the Sun and lightning bolts together, I used Goddess of Lightning by Feodome (top left). In the Light of Things (middle) was made by Timett. Ivory shards were not on Deviant Art so The Wish by MerenSherita was chosen (bottom left).

Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Father and the First First-Born Son

For about four days, there has been no movement within the Ivory Tower. On top of the tallest mountain on top of the world, the Master of the Ivory Tower, the Little Boy, was intent on looking into the past, fast forwarding, and following the life of a man that had two sons.

It seems that it is an ironic story of atonement, which captivated the Little Boy's interest although there was no magic involved in it. It just seemed so sad for a boy who was locked up on a tower with nothing to do but to look at the World beneath him, so he tuned in to this one man.

The man in this story is known as Jose. He had two sons, Joseph and Jason, which were generations apart. The first son, Joseph, was born of Jose's first wife. Shortly after giving birth, his wife died and he was left a widower; Joseph was left an orphan. In the lush land of the Philippines, this wouldn't have been such a sad story except that Jose was poor. Because of that poverty and his love for his son, he decided to go abroad, into the land of sands, Arabia, to tend to the black gold that they were abundantly extracting from the earth.

With Jose gone, the baby, his little Joseph was left alone, orphaned, not by Death but by Fortune, and lived a life of sadness and old fashioned love. He was raised by his grandfather. The old man, being old and old fashioned, didn't know how to care for children anymore save for one adage: discipline is love. While Jose was away, when the grandfather would play cards, and with no one to look after little Joseph, he was often left tied up by one ankle to the window grills of the house. There, he would look sourly and jealously at the neighbor's kids, playing and laughing their hearts out in the dirt. Sometimes, unable to help but want to be happy, he would cry out loudly to his grandfather to release him. Sadly, the grandfather had a temper and a slight case of deafness. As a consequence, the old man just ignores the little kid's cries, and if he does notice, he made it known to little Joseph through a very blunt messenger, a quick yet painful tap of a walking stick on the kid's head.

As years go by, little Joseph was old enough to take care of himself and so, the old grandfather decided to die. To little Joseph, this was cause for celebration, not because he got rid of the mean grandfather that tied him up or beat him on the head; the death caused Jose to return home and reunite with his son, who's already 17 years of age.

Meanwhile, within that 17 years of absence, Jose found himself a bride-to-be. As it happened, he was writing with a stately woman back in the Philippines by the name of Elle. Elle, as the youngest of her family, was already considered an old maid since she was now taking care of his aging father. All that kept her going were letters that Jose sent her from Arabia. Yet again, the death of Jose's father brought on another form of happiness. Elle and Jose planned to marry after a year from this death.

The fateful, happy day came. Jose and Elle were married, and it was a joyous occasion for the two of them. After a year, Elle bore a child, Jason, Jose's second first born, Joseph's half-brother. As a baby with a doting and, by this time, wealthy father, Jason received all the luxuries of life. As the first son of a youngest daughter, he was showered with gifts, toys, clothes, love and affection.

At this point, Joseph moved in with his father and step-mother. Surprisingly, this story doesn't have an evil step-mother. Ironically, the father and the first first-born son didn't agree so well, perhaps, because of the miles and years that they were apart. Strikingly, Joseph seemed to have an understanding with Elle. He never really called her "mother" or anything of that sort, but he did show his respect by calling her "Tita," which is what people in the Philippines usually calls their aunt. Joseph never despised his half-brother. In fact, he also treasured him like a real, whole brother. One day, after coming home from an excursion in the mall, he even bought his little brother a toy that sang whenever anyone presses its tummy.

To some people, this looked like a real family. However, as Elle, Joseph, and Jason grew close, Joseph and Jose grew farther from each other. Even if they were now living in the same roof, they were like two peanuts within their separate pods in separate fields in separate corners of the World. It seems that Jose didn't approve of the prolonged absences of his first first-born son. It seems that Joseph was not accustomed to answering to anyone, even to a person whom he should have been calling "father." As years went by, Jose, Elle, and Jason saw less and less of Joseph.

One night, he came home with news to tell. He came home with a woman, the mother of his child. Even though Jose didn't approve and Joseph was not accustomed to authority, they seemed to have come to an understanding. Since everything was all done, there was nothing else to do but to accept this simple section of a slice in the natural course of Life. In fact, this seemed to have reconciled Jose and Joseph. The father talked kindly to his son; the first first-born son learned to say "father."

Nevertheless, it seems that Life or perhaps, Fate was the antagonist of this story. Fate seemed to have caused Joseph to be a responsible young man and provide for his expecting wife. Fate seemed to have caused Jose to be more than a father -- he became a grandfather. With this grandiosity attached to his role and wanting to make up for his neglected son, he sent Joseph some groceries, food for the young family. On the way home to his new house, Joseph was killed.

Based on what the nosy neighbors said, Joseph died on a jeepney. A drug addict was riding with him and shot him dead. As expected, Jose mourned the death of his first first-born son. As usual, a funeral was done in the rain. As usual, life for Jose moved on because in mortal terms, Time heals all wounds.

At this point, the story got boring for the Little Boy. After 4 days of capturing his attention, glimpsing back in Time and focusing on the events that happened on 4 people while fast forwarding took too much of his energy. As he was moving away from his 4-day perch, a question struck him. "What was the meaning of all that? Why was it a story of a father atoning for his sins against his neglected son and a story of a reconciliation cut short?" With no answers to those questions, the Little Boy, Master of the Ivory Tower, started a fit. "Why, why why don't I know the answer?" It inflamed him that he doesn't know the answer; he who has been granted knowledge of everything by the Sun, the Moon, and Heaven does not hold an answer. With this, we will now leave the Little Boy to his rantings on top of the Ivory Tower on the top of the tallest mountain on the top of the world.
Credits to Deviant Art: Top left, Bound by Lidialikesgummybears; middle right, The Young by Life-takers-crayons; bottom left, Water Lady by sarasnaps.

Monday, February 8, 2010

It's Official

O ayan, it's official. Pormal ko nang tatanggapin ang mga congratulations at pagbati niyo sa akin. Team leader na ako as of last Wednesday, February 3, 2010! Bwahahahaha! Salamat talaga sa mga nag-greet. Salamat din sa horoscope ko sa Facebook. Sinabi dun na matutuloy talaga tong promotion na to. Nyahahaha! Gusto niyo makitang totoo ang horoscope ko? Eto o:

Hay, hindi ko na-save. Sayang! Kasi naman, yan lang ang tumamang horoscope ko. Weh! Anyway, it still goes to show na hindi dapat balewalain ang horoscopes. Ahahaha!

It's also official. Nabawasan na rin ang time ko para sa blog na ito dahil marami na naman akong pinagkakaabalahan. Andiyan ang gumawa ng reports tuwing gabi. Katabi non ang paghahagilap ng mga reports na dapat kong matanggap mula sa team ko. Parang Easter na nga eh - hanapan ng reports na para bang Easter Egg Hunt. Naku, kung alam niyo lang. Nag-checheck pa ng attendance na para bang teacher. Kulang na lang, pag-sabihan ko ang team ko na magsabi ng "present!"

Andami ding nawala dahil nabawasan ang time ko talaga. Hindi na nga ako nakakapanood ng American Idol at Glee. Hindi na rin ako makapag-DoTA. Yung Torchlight, natapos ko na yung main quest pero no time na rin para doon. Hindi na rin ako nakakapunta sa blog ni Jason, Ate Ayie, at iba pa. Gusto ko rin sana magre-layout ng blog ko at gumawa ng sarili kong design, pero wala na ring time. Hindi ko na rin maisulat yung mga Tagalog kong mga kwento. Buti na lang, may spare pa kong mga nakatype na kwento. Kung wala... lagot. Patay na naman ang blog na to.

Sana, transition period lang ito. Siguro, once I got the hang of it, magagawa ko nang ibalanse ang work and personal life ko ulit.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Amaris and the Paper Airplane Prophecy

One cloudy, melancholic morning, the gates of Heaven opened up to let an angel, Uriel, fly down to the World and bring good news to a high-spirited maiden named Amaris. As the angel was flying down, blazing through the sky like a flaming bird, the Little Boy, Master of the Ivory Tower, laid eyes and ears on her. On top of the tallest mountain on the top of the word, the Ivory Tower's Master heard the angel muttering and sputtering, "Ave, Amaris! The One True God promises you success in that matter that you dread doing. Stand up, accomplish your deed, and give glory to the One True God!"

As the Legend of the Ivory Tower would have it, the Little Boy was incarcerated in the tower because he professed great knowledge that displeased the Sun and the Moon. The crime was blasphemy and pride and the punishment was futile knowledge of everything that concerned the Four Corners of the World. Even so, the Little Boy had not learned his lesson; he was still proud of getting attention to himself, so when he heard this angel, this absent-minded Uriel, fly across his horizon with news to bring to Amaris, he wanted to the deliver this news and pose as God's messenger.

Though the Sun and the Moon built the tower out of ivory and made sure that their prisoner can only perceive the epiphanies and the revelations of the four Dominions, they were not able to control an unfortunate piece of paper that was blown over and into the Ivory Tower by Hamsin, the southerly wind of Israel. With this wind-blown piece of paper, the Little Boy saw an opportunity for mischief. He wrote Uriel's message down, folded the piece of paper into an airplane, and sent it flying towards Amaris. The little paper airplane of a prophecy flew fast, for the Little Boy possessed the knowledge of origami and aeronautical engineering. He was so brilliant that the paper airplane flew faster than Uriel. However, his aim was not good; the little airplane was supposed to land on Amaris' lap in Israel, but it landed in Lebanon on the lap of a girl with the same name.

If Amaris of Israel was high-spirited, Amaris of Lebanon was a weak, introverted, and hesitant in personality. Amaris of Lebanon never did anything. She didn't think that she was strong enough, good enough, nor useful enough for anything. However, this didn't mean that she didn't have innermost desires. She wanted to go out to dinners with her friends, but she feared the dark. She wanted to become a nurse, but she thought she might not be capable of caring for sick people. She wanted to go to the zoo, but thought that she might get lost. More deeply, Amaris of Lebanon, of all things, wanted to cure herself of the fear of vampires.

As she is capable only of little things like turning book pages, she loved to read. In her room, she read books that were written to dispense courage and knowledge. Through her reading, she read that having sanguivoriphobia, the fear of vampires, should not concern her for the learned men think that vampires are not real, and she will never come across one in any of her lifetimes. Nevertheless, she was still afraid of vampires and of almost anything that she thought she cannot do.

As it happened, the little paper airplane landed on the wrong hands, the wrong Amaris. With her curiosity piqued, she unfolded and read the message on the piece of paper. As the message was divinely inspired, although it was handed down to the wrong person, the message was enough to inflame Amaris' courage and do all the things that she planned on doing. She went to a dinner party of one of her neighbors, which brought them amazement. She studied to become a nurse, which her ailing parents supported for the most practical reasons that their aching arthritic joints snapped at them. She was successful. After 4 years, she graduated and lived a life of courage and success. Even so, she wasn't happy because she has one more fear to face.

With this sanguivoriphobia left uncrossed on her list of things to overcome, she sought her parents' blessing to face this fear. "Amaris, vampires are not real," said her disapproving mother. "Even if you waste your life looking for vampires and use the next lifetimes that you will live, you'll never come across one, so leave it be. Let yourself be afraid of one thing," counseled her coughing father. "No, father!" Amaris cried out. "You named me Amaris, 'Promised by God.' That is all true and I've received this letter, this promise from God. I shall see a vampire and conquer my fear of it!" With those words, she left her house to seek a vampire.

As luck or the promise of God would have it, it didn't take long for her to find a vampire. As she was walking in the Jeita Grotto on Mount Lebanon, she stumbled upon a sleeping shape submerged in the soil of the inner sanctum of the grotto. As many phobic people know, there is an automatic, almost precognitive sensation when coming across the object of fear. It was like a trickle of cold sand down her back for Amaris. She knew that she found a vampire. It was already dusk when this happened so she decided for herself that the vampire must wake before she renounced her fear. She didn't have to wait long because the vampire chose to sleep deep in the subterranean cavern where the light of the Sun does not reach. As the Sun tuck its last rays in the West, the vampire woke and saw that Amaris was standing over him.

"My name is Amaris, and I am not afraid of you -- not anymore," she proclaimed.

The vampire raised an eyebrow. "Ow, is that the truth? Why are you not afraid of me who drinks the waters off of the Red Rivers of Life?"

"I am Amaris, ‘Promised by God.’ He, the Most High, told me that I will succeed in anything that I dread doing. I dreaded your kind even though you were thought of as non-existent. I am here, brave and standing -- proof that I have already succeeded in my deed," answered Amaris as she held the paper prophecy that the Master of the Ivory Tower sent flying with trembling hands.

"Did your god promise you that you'll live to say that you succeeded? Did your precious revelation tell you that you'd continue to breathe after your deed? I do not claim that I know your fate nor your god, but I do know myself enough to say that you will fail in the bloodiest manner," triumphantly taunted the vampire.

With a quick step and a deep kiss on the nape, Amaris fell dead, drained, and defeated in the deed that she thought she could succeed in. The vampire was victorious and, once again, wallowed in the red waters of the River of Life. After feeding, he took the paper containing the message that the girl blindly believed. He noticed that there were creases that caused him to fold it back into a paper airplane. As a joke to God and His glory, the vampire went out into the Lebanese night, climbed up Mount Lebanon, and let the paper airplane fly back to Heaven.

Like a redundant redundancy, the airplane, the paper that Hamsin blew up to the Ivory Tower some 4 years ago flew back into the tower and crossed the horizon of the Little Boy, the Master of the Ivory Tower. As he was granted faultless perception, he saw the sad fate that he had caused Amaris. He saw the paper airplane that he sent out and caught it in the wind, but contrary to his initial design, his intent to beat Uriel in delivering a divine revelation, he was only successful in leading a girl into a foolish feat and a deadly doom. There and then, the Little Boy, on top of the Ivory Tower, on top of the highest mountain on top of the World went into a fit while sputtering and muttering that he needed practice in aiming paper airplanes to reach the right destination.

Thanks once again to Deviant Art for giving me rose-emily-power (Sad Eyes, middle left), windfalcon (Lady of Dreams, top right), verificus (Paper Plane, bottom left), and Google Search that lead me to Russian Paintings and Matrehin Alexander (Canyon, middle right).
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