Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Chad thought about living up to the meaning of the word "smoulder," but realized that it is such a wasteful concept, and thus, changed his mind, deciding on living like a "laser beam" instead.

I am passionate like fire. That's why I was thinking of the word "smoulder."

I chose "smoulder" instead of "smolder" because I like the emphasis brought about by the letter u.

I told my program manager that I try to live by the meaning of words that I can relate to. Then, I realized that I need to also direct my passion into something creative. That's when I decided to change it to "laser beam." It seems that "laser" carries the same kind of heat, but it is focused, making it more appealing to me.

I easily get distracted, so I have to live by that phrase until I can confidently say that I am a living, breathing laser beam.

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